Victor Santiz

I am helping companies to create value through Technology. 

Hello, I’m Víctor Santiz. I am an entrepreneur and artificial intelligence enthusiast. AI will likely increase and enhance our lives.

My purpose is to help companies to create value through technology.

I can summarize my professional career in the technology industry in three main points:

First, before completing my degree in Information Technology, I was involved in a project with the Mexican research center, Conahcyt, which was focused on the livestock sector. I worked alongside researchers and software developers during this project, applying software engineering and Android programming to the task.

Second, I continued as a software developer for different companies, managing to develop platforms and apply software engineering tools and techniques for the entertainment, insurance, banking, and telecommunications sectors. I adapted to other teams with different values within organizations.

Third, my curiosity and self-leadership to go beyond my capabilities, I quit my job and started to found my own company. During this path, I have been learning much about digital marketing, E-commerce, sales, human resources, and business administration.
I have failed on several ideas and products that did not work, while others worked through continuous improvement and adaptation to change. My mindset about constant improvement has helped me enhance my leadership and integrate continuous improvement into my personal and professional growth.

In addition, I love reading books about Leadership, Artificial Intelligence, Business, and Scientific Papers, but I also share knowledge on blog.victorsantiz.com. I enjoy meeting new people and hearing new perspectives; reach out if you want to talk to me about cutting-edge technology, startup, and business-related topics.

Let’s connect to explore synergies, exchange ideas, and collaborate.

Thank you so much, and keep it up!

[email protected]